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SolutionPoint+ (SP+), founded in 2017, is an international consultancy and training firm.

We cultivate mental wellness to maximize human capital and promote safety.

Our organization specializes in Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training, de-escalation techniques, crisis negotiations, trauma-informed care, jail diversion processes, mental resilience, and mental wellness, with expertise in the sequential intercept model.

Our services encompass consulting, keynote speaking, and tailored training programs. Having empowered thousands of professionals across North America, we consistently surpass expectations, catering to diverse entities, from major corporations to all levels of government.


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Introduction to Mental Health & De-escalation

This 8 hour course is an introductory course for anyone interested in learning more about mental health and de-escalation. This course does not offer any role-play scenarios. Participants will learn how to identify a crisis, deescalate a person in crisis using effective communication and active listening, and receive an overview of various
mental illnesses. Course Capacity: Unlimited participants.

Xfactor Mental Wellness & Resiliency

This 16 hour course is for first responders only. Participants will have their mindsets challenged as they spend two days learning about how the problem became the problem, and then receiving tangible solutions to develop their individual resilience. This course offers both breakout group sessions, and individual practice sessions. Course Capacity: 20 participants

Telecommunicator's Mental Health & De-escalation

This 16-hour mental health and de-escalation course is designed for call-takers and dispatchers. It focuses on recognizing mental illness symptoms and effective communication with people in crisis over the phone, including role-play scenarios. Course Capacity: 20 participants

Michelle White's Children & Adolescent Crisis Training

This 16 hour course is for school based law enforcement officers, school staff, and behavioral health professionals working with the child and adolescent population in schools. The course curriculum focuses on de-escalation techniques specific to child and adolescent brain development. Course Capacity: Unlimited participants

Advanced De-escalation Training

This 24-hour course, for non-law enforcement individuals, covers crisis identification, communication with those in crisis, and common behavioral health and substance use disorders. It includes two days of role-play scenarios and concludes with a popular wellness and self-care module. Course Capacity: 20 participants

Crisis Intervention Training

This 40-hour course, exclusive to first responders and led by SP+ facilitators, focuses on behavioral health and substance use disorders. It includes four days of role-play scenarios and emphasizes treatment over incarceration. Course Capacity: 20 participants


Our firm has decades of experience and a proven track record of working with various organizations, large and small. We offer leadership seminars, employee wellness and self-care, effective communication courses, de-escalation training, insider threat detection and mitigation, and much more.

Public & Private Schools

Our firm specializes in working with both public and private schools. We have provided talks to various grades and age groups about mental health and wellness. We also work with the administration and staff, teaching emotional intelligence, wellness, and resiliency. 

Keynote Speaker

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Our Founders

Joe Smarro CEO Solution Point Plus

Joe Smarro

Jesse Trevino President Solution Point Plus

Jesse Trevino

Co-Founder | President
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