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Public Safety

What sets our training apart from all the others? We aren't about skill and knowledge development, only. SolutionPoint+ helps officers challenge their thoughts which have not served them personally or professionally. We know thought change leads to emotional change which leads to behavioral change and lasting results. We offer the premier crisis intervention and de-escalation training in the nation.


Contact SolutionPoint+ for a consultation to learn more about the training we can provide for your agency. Booking dates for 2021 now. 

Corporate Wellness & De-escalation

Our firm has decades of experience and a proven track record of working with various organizations, large and small. We use a combination of learned and lived experiences to connect with people which ultimately enhances their performance. We offer leadership seminars, employee wellness and self-care, effective communication courses, de-escalation training, insider threat detection and mitigation, and much more.

Public & Private Schools

Our firm specializes in working with both public and private schools. We have provided talks to various grades and age groups about mental health and wellness. We also work with the administration and staff, teaching emotional intelligence, wellness, and resiliency. Although our firm believes in doing more on the prevention side of any crises, we concentrate on providing assistance on building threat assessment teams to mitigate any potential school violence or shootings. 

Keynote Speaker

If you would like to hire Joe or Jesse for your event, please fill out the “hire a speaker” form and look forward to hearing back from someone on the team very soon.

Our Clients & Reviews


"Dynamic, high energy and reliable mental health trainer. Engaging and electrifying audiences with the ability to motivate participants to engage in activities to provide first-hand interactions. Thrives in fast-paced environments and can handle mishaps at any given point."

Jennifer Robbins

CEO, South Central Behavioral Health Region

Nick Ripplinger

“Joe and Jesse are two rock stars of humans changing the way law enforcement, employers, and general public view crisis management.  Without a doubt I cannot recommend these two enough.  You will see a positive impact by working with SoultionPoint+!”

Nick Ripplinger

President Battle Sight Technologies

Solution Point Plus

"Possessing a wealth of knowledge and an obvious passion for teaching, Joe's unique insight's and observations surrounding all things CIT, proved to be an invaluable resource throughout the week."

Andrew McKnight

Police Officer Iowa City Police Department

Solution Point Plus

"Prior to the [CIT] class, I knew that each of you were experts in this field and have received much recognition and accolades to prove your qualifications, capabilities, and expertise.  I had very high expectations prior to the class; but your class was far more comprehensive then I could have envisioned.  I, our other deputies that attended, and ultimately those we come into contact with; are the beneficiaries and I feel a deep sense of gratitude that we were able to bring you to Iowa to make us better officers."


Mark Herbst

Captain Black Hawk County Sheriff's Office 

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