We cultivate mental wellness to maximize human capital and promote safety

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SolutionPoint+ (SP+), founded in 2017, is an international consultancy and training firm. We cultivate mental wellness to maximize human capital and promote safety.

Our organization specializes in Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training, de-escalation techniques, crisis negotiations, trauma-informed care, jail diversion processes, mental resilience, and mental wellness, with expertise in the sequential intercept model.

Our services encompass consulting, keynote speaking, and tailored training programs. Having empowered thousands of professionals across North America, we consistently surpass expectations, catering to diverse entities, from major corporations to all levels of government.

Inside Look at Solution Point Plus

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Our Training in Shreveport, Louisiana

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Joe Smarro CEO Solution Point Plus

Joe Smarro

Jesse Trevino President Solution Point Plus

Jesse Trevino

Co-Founder | President


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Public Safety

SolutionPoint+ helps officers challenge their thoughts which have not served them personally or professionally. We know thought change leads to emotional change which leads to behavioral change and lasting results. We offer the premier crisis intervention and de-escalation training in the nation.


Contact SolutionPoint+ for a consultation to learn more about the training we can provide for your agency. 

Corporate Wellness & De-escalation

Our firm has decades of experience and a proven track record of working with various organizations, large and small. We offer leadership seminars, employee wellness and self-care, effective communication courses, de-escalation training, insider threat detection and mitigation, and much more.

Public & Private Schools

Our firm specializes in working with both public and private schools. We have provided talks to various grades and age groups about mental health and wellness. We also work with the administration and staff, teaching emotional intelligence, wellness, and resiliency. 

Keynote Speaker

If you would like to hire Joe or Jesse for your event, please fill out the Contact Us form below or reach out to: tammy@solutionpointplus.com.

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