Law Enforcement Training Courses

Our organization provides a wide range of public safety training. The courses we offer include de-escalation, crisis negotiation, crisis intervention, suicide prevention, officer resiliency, peer support, and post-incident stress management. We design training curriculums tailored to the needs of your agency. SolutionPoint+ not only provides premium training, but we also help criminal justice organizations design and implement complex mental health policy.

Texas Courses (TCOLE)

  • Crisis Intervention Training (#1850)
  • Mental Health Officer (#4001)

  • De-escalation Techniques (#1849)

  • Mental Health for Jailers (#4900)

  • Crisis Communications (#2120)

  • Suicide Detection and Prevention in Jails (#3501)

  • Trauma Affected Veterans (#4067)

Nationally Offered Courses

  • Crisis Intervention Training (40 hours)

  • Crisis Intervention Training (16 hours)

  • Crisis Intervention Train-the-Trainer (24 hours)

  • Suicide Identification and Prevention

  • De-escalation Skills and Techniques

  • Crisis Communications

  • Crisis Negotiations

  • Trauma and Resiliency Training


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