Our mission at SolutionPoint +, LLC is to address societal challenges surrounding mental illness by providing consulting and training services to public and private organizations. We promote safety and wellness through awareness and advocacy.

We mitigate risk for businesses by improving workplace safety and promoting organizational culture change. We help organizations protect their most valuable resource: their employees.

Our consultants have implemented public policies resulting in millions of dollars in savings across the public safety net population. Our practices can reduce law enforcement officer injuries, incarcerations rates, use of force incidents, and improve overall perceptions of law enforcement agencies.


Marine Corps Combat Vets, mental health police officers, instructors, and counselors, we are a team privileged to help others pull through the mental health struggles that we also have faced.

Studies support the fact that one in four or one in five adults living in the US qualify for mental health diagnosis. If 20-25% of adults qualify for a mental illness, we must accept the idea that we encounter people in this group, every day. In jobs, schools, homes, hobbies, churches, social activities, etc.

We know people are typically reluctant to change within any organizations, but if we can successfully nudge a cultural shift within a vast law enforcement agency, there is hope for any company or corporation. If we stop focusing on how frustrating or broken any system may be and individually own our portion, proven progress can be made in the right direction.

Learn more about our story in the Documentary Ernie & Joe.



Joseph A. Smarro

Founder / CEO

Joe Smarro is a highly sought mental health policy and training consultant. Not only is he a decorated US Marine Corps combat veteran, but he is also a celebrated mental health police officer. Joe has de-escalated hundreds of crisis situations in the field with zero uses of force. He is regarded as one of the best Crisis Intervention Team instructors in the nation. Joe has been instrumental in mental health advocacy and law enforcement policy at all levels of government to include the White House and the Department of Justice. 


Jesse A. Trevino, MS, LCDCi

Co-Founder / President

Jesse Trevino is a US Marine Corps combat veteran, mental health police officer, police academy instructor, and criminal justice academic. Jesse has analyzed, designed, and implemented innovative programs addressing social problems like homelessness, mental illness, and substance dependence. His training encompasses Crisis Intervention and Crisis  Negotiations. He is an adjunct instructor at a local community college, full-time police academy instructor, and is involved with academic research projects for his agency. 


Jessica Peckover, LCSW

Principal Consultant

Jessica Peckover is a licensed clinical social worker and international advanced alcohol and drug counselor with over a decade of experience developing pre- and post-booking diversion programs and interventions. She holds an undergraduate degree in criminology and a master's degree in social work. Jessica is a certified Mental Health First Aid instructor and provides mental health training to various groups throughout the country. She has served on numerous boards at the local, state, and national levels focusing on improving the overall system of care for individuals with behavioral health needs and complex psychosocial needs. Jessica has been identified as a highly regarded, dynamic partner who has a unique ability to convene cross system stakeholders to work toward common goals.

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